Site Sharing Process

Step 1 - Establish Network Requirements

To collocate with Broadcast Australia, you will need to establish a clear set of network requirements. Considerations include:

  • The minimum and maximum height required for your equipment to transmit signal;
  • The number and type of antenna locations you require;
  • The type of transmission equipment you will require;
  • Shelter - Broadcast Australia shared or supply of own;
  • The type of power source you will use - dedicated supply or share with Broadcast Australia and passed through;
  • The processes and time frames required for your satisfaction.

Step 2 - Select Broadcast Australia Sites

Once network requirements are established, the next step is to locate a tower that fits your coverage targets. Broadcast Australia can offer you assistance in finding the sites you need through both our online SiteFinder tool, and/or our Broadcast Australia Google file with Site Brochure (which we can email to you), together with the help of our Site Sharing Team.

The Broadcast Australia RF Planning Office, located in Canberra, is also available to assist with your network planning needs. Please discuss your requirements with the Site Sharing Team.

To find sites that meet you needs, visit the SiteFinder tool on the Broadcast Australia website. You can quickly key in search criteria and immediately access a full list of possible towers that fall within close proximity to your coverage needs. You can view detailed information on each site, see photos and print Site Data Sheets for closer analysis.

Once you have located sites of interest online, contact a member of our Site Sharing Team or email for further inquiries.

Step 3 - Apply for a space on a Broadcast Australia Site

Broadcast Australia will provide you with a standard Collocation Application and guide you through the requirements for submitting the application. Once your application is received, a Site Sharing team member will be assigned to your application and will be your point of contact for all questions relating to your application and it's status. Broadcast Australia conducts a feasibility analysis including mount height availability, structural analysis, ground space determination and location of equipment on tower, Radio frequency interference studies and property reviews.

Step 4 - Negotiate Licence Terms

At this point in the process, you are ready to negotiate licence terms with Broadcast Australia. We offer a flexible pricing structure that considers several factors including:

  • The type of equipment you plan to install
  • The market in which you are building - Metro, Regional or Remote
  • The desirability and availability of the tower height you require
  • The amount of ground space required
  • Other considerations

Step 5 - Install your Equipment

Insurance: It is important that you obtain insurance for your equipment installation prior to construction. Your insurance must remain in effect throughout the duration of the Site Agreement. This protects both the underlying landowner and tower owner. The specific requirements are detailed in the Licence Agreement.

Notice to Proceed: After you have completed the above steps, you will receive a response to your application and you are then ready to install your equipment. You will be required to submit the following documents to the Site Sharing Team: permits (if required), public liability insurance details, executed licence agreement, and general contractor contact information.

Licence Commencement: Depending on the terms of the agreement, the licence commences and you start paying rent to Broadcast Australia. The commencement date is typically within 30 days of execution or the date you install your equipment.

Step 6 - As Built documentation

Submit all documentation and specifications for equipment as installed.