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Get your services online quickly using the most cost-effective resources by sharing a site and/or it's facilities. Use SiteFinder to locate a Broadcast Australia site to suit your requirements.

The Broadcast Australia network provides customers with the opportunity to share existing infrastructure for broadcasting, telecommunications, emergency services and radio communications purposes.

Gore Hill

  • Over 380 sites available for speedy collocation
  • Highly resilient transmission platforms, providing high levels of service reliability
  • Superior wide-area coverage
  • Access to mains power
  • Access to existing structures for rack space
  • Ease of access to property
  • Possible exemption from local and state planning requirements
  • Working partnerships to support evolving technologies.

The SiteFinder will help you locate existing infrastructure services in your specified area. Simply fill in one of the parameters and click Submit to find your nearest Broadcast Australia site.

For more information about network coverage, please contact a member of the Site Sharing Team:

Broadcast Australia

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