Site Sharing

Broadcast Australia acts as the “neutral host” for a multitude of customers across a range of technologies utilising its transmission infrastructure. Collocation provides a cost-effective solution by integrating into structures already on the ground and in operation.

  • Site Finder

    Need to find a Broadcast Australia site which may suit your requirements? Sharing a site and/or its facilities is a cost effective method to get your services on-line swiftly.

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  • Site Sharing Process

    Click here to find more detailed information on the Site Sharing process.

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  • Site Sharing Team

    Meet the Broadcast Australia Site Sharing Team.

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  • Site Access

    To arrange access to Broadcast Australia sites for works or to climb towers you will need to complete and submit a Site Access Request and have it approved.

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  • Climber Authorisation

    Use of a rigger to undertake works on any tower at a Broadcast Australia site requires an Authorised Climber Application form to be submitted and approved.

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  • Site Sharing Applications

    Apply to share Broadcast Australia's facilities and infrastructure here.

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