Portal Services For Commercial Television and Radio

Broadcast Australia’s ‘Portal Service’ provides customers with the opportunity to expand their broadcasting footprint through installation and operation of their own transmitters at Broadcast Australia owned sites around the country.

Customers achieve large cost savings through the use of common broadcasting equipment such as combiners, common antenna systems and a BA portal. Site security is maintained via a remote monitoring system. Using a Broadcast Australia site as a portal service is an easy, cost effective solution for customers who want to maintain 100% ownership and control of key transmission and program input equipment.

Broadcast Australia’s Portal Service allows customers to enjoy the benefits of increased coverage and achieve similar viewer and listener numbers to other national and commercial broadcasters, without the added expense of developing and operating their own infrastructure network or having to deploy sub-optimal antenna systems.

For more information about our Television or Radio portal services, please contact:
Steven Wibisono
Account Manager – Commercial Broadcasters
Tel: +61 (0)2 8113 4983
Email: steven.wibisono@broadcastaustralia.com.au