Network Operations Centre

The central point of network management is Broadcast Australia’s Network Operations Centre (NOC) - a multi-million dollar facility located in Sydney that provides real-time monitoring of individual sites and the associated services for both analogue and digital broadcasting.

A sophisticated approach is required to manage more than 2,200 services from over 580 unmanned sites around the nation. It is vital to ensure network longevity, service reliability and optimal operational performance in order to support the services of Broadcast Australia’s customers.

This world class facility monitors Broadcast Australia’s national network utilising sophisticated IT systems where it provides full service monitoring, control and fault management. Many sites included in the network are in remote locations, located thousands of kilometres from the NOC. The remote monitoring system enables on-site fault conditions to be managed remotely by means of a forward control capability. This enables many conditions to be corrected without dispatching technicians to site. The remote management capability of the NOC provides the facility for the management of networks located anywhere in the world.

A key feature of the NOC facility is the availability of significant on-line network status information and operational data through a web portal accessable by our customer base.

The NOC currently manages television and radio services, transmitted in digital and analogue modes, using MW, SW, VHF and UHF spectrum across the challenging Australian environment. In times of disaster, these broadcasting services are relied upon by the public for the delivery of essential information. For this reason, the ability to restore services swiftly and efficiently is vital. Broadcast Australia’s Disaster Recovery Plan is based upon the principles of preparation, prevention, rapid recovery and ongoing review. It has been put to the test in both simulated and real life situations.