Network Services

Broadcast Australia’s integrated team of engineers and project managers specialise in the design, construction and operation of multiple service sites. Broadcast Australia currently operates approximately 2,200 services from 580 sites around the country - all with the capacity for expansion.

With over 75 years experience in the industry, Broadcast Australia approaches all projects using six primary phases. These are in place to ensure that the delivered service meets its objectives.

These six phases are:-

  • Understanding of the customer requirement;
  • Planning and Network Design;
  • Engineering Design and Project Management;
  • Systems Integration;
  • Site Development and Installation; and
  • Operations and Network Management.

Experience in advanced planning and design underpins the reliability of Broadcast Australia's network and the optimisation of its operations.

Over the last few years, Broadcast Australia’s multidisciplinary team has:-

  • Planned, designed and rolled out more than 330 digital television services including 20 Single Frequency Networks (SFNs);
  • Planned and implemented commercial feasibility trials involving Digital Radio (Eureka 147 and DRM), Infocasting and Mobile television;
  • Developed a sophisticated coverage prediction capability that permits lower build costs and fast project delivery;
  • Developed remote location solutions for a broad range of environmental conditions;
  • Developed technical partnerships with key equipment vendors;
  • Provided training to our customers to maximise their knowledge of the network; and
  • Provided consultancy advice to key industry stakeholders.

Broadcast Australia takes a holistic approach to network design and construction. Optimising system interoperability and the “whole of life” cost for operations, reduces the project expense and maximises the useful asset life.